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You'll Watch These 13 Reasons Why GIFs an Embarrassing Number of Times

Will we ever get sick of watching, talking about, and obsessing over Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why? Probably not. The story of Hannah Baker, a 17-year-old girl who tragically commits suicide after being bullied and mistreated by her classmates, is one that a lot people can deeply relate to. The show delivers an extremely powerful message that every action has consequences and that suicide is never the answer, but it also shows the heartbreaking almost-love story of Hannah and her classmate, Clay Jensen. The two pine after each other for most of the season, with Clay only admitting his love for her after she’s already dead. The entire “what if” of their romance coupled with Hannah’s extreme pain is something fans of the show won’t easily forget. Keep scrolling to see every GIF you need to cry like an absolute mess all over again.

Source: Pop Sugar

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