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Wondering If There Will Be a Second Season of 13 Reasons Why?

Netflix has adapted Jay Asher’s 2007 novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, and it’s one of its most addictive series yet. Stylized as 13 Reasons Why, the show runs exactly 13 episodes – and no more . . . yet. It was brought to Netflix as a miniseries, designed to tell one singular story. It’s hard to argue that the story could (or, more importantly, should) go beyond what’s presented in the YA novel; the entire premise is that a teenage girl commits suicide, and through a series of tapes, she’s explaining why. However, the TV writers did expand on the characters in the book, giving them richer stories to fill out the episodes. It’s possible that they could continue the story just following the people we’ve met. There’s also the fact that Netflix is referring to the batch of episodes as “Season 1” on their press site. It might be nothing, but it’s worth bringing up!

Source: Pop Sugar

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