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Weeping Gold Star Mother Says White House Never Called: ‘Every Day It Gets Worse’ (Video)

Things took an emotional turn on the set of CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday morning. Co-host Alisyn Camerota conducted a lengthy interview with Calvin and Sheila Murphy, whose son, Etienne was killed in Syria during a “vehicle rollover incident” in May.
From the moment things got going, Sheila Murphy struggled to hold back tears as she recalled her son’s life.
“Every day is hard. Every day it gets worse. It doesn’t’ get better. It gets worse because I’m just there looking for my child to come through the door,” she said. “The worst thing I’ve ever been called is a Gold Star mom.”
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The interview — clocking in at 10 minutes — was at times excruciating.
“Mrs. Murphy, I read that you said, that you hate the sunrise, you pray for the sunset, and you hate every day when the sun rises because you’re in so much pain,” said Camerota.
“If you could just give me my son back. Right now there is nothing. I take it one second at a time. I forget to breathe. I have to tell myself to breathe. The pain is indescribable,” said Murphy, who appeared on set with her husband Calvin.  “We’re permanent residents in The Twilight Zone.”
The Murphys were likely booked by “New Day’s” producers because they said Donald Trump never called to offer condolences, but Sheila was quick to downplay the matter.
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“Ms. Murphy did you hear from the White House?” asked Camerota.
“No, I haven’t. I haven’t,” she said adding that she personally didn’t care one way or the other about that. “It doesn’t matter if I hear from the White House or not because it’s not really about a call or letter. I just want people to remember my son, specially Etienne Murphy, and all the other Gold Star moms.”
Despite the president’s claims that he has consoled the family of every fallen U.S. solider on his watch, a review by the Associated Press cast serious doubt on that claim.
“The Associated Press reached out to the families of all 43 people who have died in military service since Trump became president and made contact with about half the families,” they reported.  “Of those who would address the question, relatives of nine said they had heard from Trump by phone or mail. Relatives of nine others said they haven’t.”

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Source: The Wrap

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