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This Hilarious Black Panther Joke Will Make You Ask, "IS THIS YOUR MEME?!"

The following contains light spoilers for Black Panther.
The moment I watched the epic challenge for the throne between T’Challa and Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, I knew it was an iconic scene that would go down in superhero movie history. I also, admittedly, had a feeling that it would become a meme. And as usual, Twitter has come through . . . and then some. The social network has managed to create a hilarious movement out of the savage moment when Killmonger poses a tough question to Wakanda: “Is this your king?”
While the question is, in context, posed after Killmonger delivers a serious ass-whooping to T’Challa, Twitter has turned it into an ever-relevant meme used to ridicule something. Be it your bank account balance or your (lack of a) beach body, the Killmonger challenge meme is a perfect fit. This isn’t the first meme adjacent to Black Panther, of course; fan-favorite character Shuri even references one of the most popular memes on Vine in the movie itself! But I have to admit, this one is my absolute favorite.
Check out some of the most hilarious examples of the Killmonger meme below, and prepare for it to take over your entire life, if it hasn’t already. Dare we ask, “Is this your Twitter feed?!”

Source: Pop Sugar

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