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The Not-So-Surprising Reason Why Beverly Has to Die on American Horror Story: Cult

Minor spoilers for American Horror Story: Cult below!
Ever since episode five of American Horror Story: Cult, we’ve had a sneaking suspicion that Beverly (Adina Porter) is not long for this world. She starts off the series as a hard-working, underappreciated TV reporter, who eventually becomes so disillusioned with the unfair environment of her job that she’s easily convinced to join Kai Anderson’s (Evan Peters) murderous cult. It might be hard to imagine that Beverly, with all of her steely determination and ice cold proclivity for slitting peoples’ throats, would be a difficult person to take down. Unfortunately for Bev, it’s those traits in particular that make us think Kai won’t keep her around for much longer.
Kai has made it clear since the start that although he welcomes new acolytes, he’s the one who’s in charge; what he says goes, and if you don’t follow his orders, then you end up like R.J. (rest in peace, man). Beverly has seemingly been on board with everything Kai has done up until now, gleefully torturing and killing her former boss and cameraman like it was no big deal. But what happens when Bev decides that she’s eclipsed Kai’s vision for the cult? Will she try to lead the cult herself?

In the episode seven preview – which gives us a glimpse at Lena Dunham’s new character, Valerie Solanas, who attempted to assassinate Andy Warhol – Beverly is seen telling Kai that the cult needs “fresh blood,” to which he replies “You need to trust me.” Clearly tension about how the cult is evolving is brewing between the two. On top of that Beverly also appears to tell Kai, “Men always push the women aside,” and is then seen talking to a new character (Frances Conroy) who tells Beverly that she “knows what it means to assassinate a man.”
Is Beverly going to attempt to take Kai out so she can be on top? That’s certainly what the preview is insinuating, but we have a feeling that any attempts on Kai’s life won’t be successful (just like Valerie Solanas’s failed assassination attempt). If anyone succeeds in killing or defeating Kai, it has to be Ally (Sarah Paulson), right? Or maybe even Winter (Billie Lourd), his sister? All we know is that if Beverly and Kai go head to head, the cult is most likely going to side with him. That means Beverly might find herself strapped to a chair and staring down a nail gun much sooner than she thinks.

Source: Pop Sugar

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