The Lowdown on What Happens to Sasha in the Walking Dead Comics

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Spoilers for the Walking Dead comics below!

The last few episodes of The Walking Dead have made it abundantly clear that Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) is in grave danger. After her mind-bogglingly stupid decision to try to barrel into the compound of Negan’s Saviors solo went south, she was quickly captured by the terrifying leader. Will she make it out of The Sanctuary alive in the seventh season finale? Only time will tell, but until then, there’s one place we can turn to to unearth a little bit more about the future of her character: the comics.

You might be surprised to know that Sasha, like Daryl, doesn’t actually exist in the show’s source material. Sasha’s story does, however, closely align with the actions of Holly (a character of the same name briefly popped up in the show but is no more), as well as a few other minor characters. We first get a glimpse at references to TV Sasha with the character of Tyreese. He’s her brother on the show, but in the comics, Tyreese has a daughter instead of a sister, and he’s extremely protective of her. Unfortunately, she dies shortly after they arrive at the prison. Parallels have also been drawn between Sasha and Andrea, since the comic version of Andrea becomes an adept sharpshooter. For the most part, though, TV Sasha’s trajectory mirrors Holly’s story.

Just like Sasha, Holly gets romantically involved with the ill-fated Sgt. Abraham Ford, igniting a love triangle between her, the former sergeant, and a burned Rosita. Although Abraham dies from an arrow through the eye socket in the comics (aka the way Denise dies in the show) instead of being murdered by Negan, Sasha and Holly both find themselves mentally unstable in the wake of his death. Holly decides the only way she can now truly help the group is if she sacrifices herself for them and takes on Negan herself. She slams a bus through the gates of The Sanctuary in hopes that zombies will come pouring in through the hole and she’ll die doing something worthwhile.

Holly survives, but because this is The Walking Dead and no one is allowed to be happy, she’s almost instantly captured by Negan. To make matters worse, he’s obviously not keen on the idea of letting her just walk out of The Sanctuary scot-free. After alerting Rick and the rest of Alexandria that he’s holding Holly prisoner, Negan arranges a trade with the group. He returns Holly to her friends with a bag over her head, and Denise (who’s still alive at this point in the comics) lifts it off her face. She realizes too late that Holly has been turned into a walker and gets bitten by her former friend. They both die in the ensuing struggle.

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Her fate seems all but sealed, right? Well, as fans of the show can attest, there have been instances where characters have survived longer than their comic-book counterparts, so there might be hope for Sasha after all. Still, it’s hard to deny how closely Sasha has been walking Holly’s path of late. With the war between Rick and Negan on the horizon, only one thing is for certain: there’s going to be a lot of carnage in our future.

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