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‘Skin Tight’ Premiere: Andrew Looks Ripped – Until His Shirt Comes Off (Exclusive Video)

In a shirt that’s loose around the waist, single father Andrew looks pretty jacked. The view becomes a bit different when it’s time to shower or swim.

That’s because the “Skin Tight” Season 2 premiere subject lost 300 pounds simply by walking and lifting weights. His arms look great, but his midsection still houses a massive amount of excess skin. After putting in all the work and taking himself as far as one can, former 500-pounder Andrew just wants to look and feel normal.

After the birth of his daughter and the end of a damaging romantic relationship, Andrew found himself at a crossroads and decided he needed to make a change. He’s commendably made the change, but with dreams of entering a natural body-building competition, the 31-year-old needs a plastic surgeon to slice away all the hanging skin.

Watch Andrew’s story via the video above, which is exclusive to TheWrap.

Tonight’s episode also follows Julie, 39, who went from 331 pounds to 153 pounds. Julie was overweight her whole life, but found herself morbidly obese after having four kids, per the cable channel’s description. She underwent gastric bypass surgery, which jumpstarted her weight loss, but she is now hiding under pounds of excess skin, causing her to shy away from intimacy with her husband and not allowing her to fully bond with her children.

Julie dreams of being a better mom and wife, but feels like it will never happen unless the skin is surgically removed.

Produced by Megalomedia, Season 2 of “Skin Tight” premieres tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

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