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Seth Meyers Shreds Trump’s Tough Week of Bad Budget Cuts, Blocked Travel Ban (Video)

This has been a week for our president to forget. You know, unless you ask him.

In the last seven days alone, Donald Trump’s disapproval rating on healthcare reform has shot through the roof, his new travel ban was halted by a federal judge, and members of his own party denied his unsubstantiated wiretapping claims.

Oh, and now there are the crippling proposed budget cuts that have Americans (even more) divided, to put it mildly.

Seth Meyers burned the whole thing down to the ground Thursday during his popular signature segment, “A Closer Look.”

The “SNL” alum really got a laugh out of Trump’s claim that he’s accomplished the most of any President over his first 50 days in the White House.

“Trump has done more in office the way a toddler helps out in the kitchen,” Meyers quipped. “He may be trying, but by the time he leaves, there’s snot on the fridge and a shoe in the dishwasher.”

The ex-“Weekend Update” anchor saved much of his vitriol for Trump’s federal spending cuts, particularly the part that would defund Meals on Wheels.

“Your heart is so small, it makes your tiny hands look like catcher mitts,” Meyers said.

Watch the video above.

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