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Ronny Jackson Withdrawal Sets Twitter Off: ‘The Left Had to Get Revenge’

Dr. Ronny Jackson won’t be leading the Department of Veterans Affairs any time soon. The White House physician, who famously declared that Trump’s exceptional genes might allow him to live for 200 years, withdrew himself from contention for the high government position on Thursday morning.
And the reaction on Twitter has been swift, but also split.
Despite an unblemished record serving three presidents, Jackson has been dogged by accusations of being drunk on the job and over-prescribing medications. In a statement explaining his decision to withdrawal, Jackson denied the claims.
“Going into this process, I expected tough questions about how to best care for our veterans, but I did not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity,” he said. “While I will forever be grateful for the trust and confidence President Trump has placed in me by giving me this opportunity, I am regretfully withdrawing my nomination to be Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

Ronny Jackson statement on withdrawing from consideration as Veterans Affairs Secretary –>
– Jeremy Diamond (@JDiamond1) April 26, 2018

Online, few pretended to be surprised by Jackson’s withdrawl.
Responses ranged from mocking liberals to angry Republicans. The president’s own daughter Ivanka Trump even weighed in, saying that she was personally happy that Dr. Jackson would continue to hang around the White House.

My partial list of doctors I’d rather have run the VA ahead of Dr. Ronny Jackson:
SeussSpockDementoDetroitGigglesKildareMoreau JohnRobertPepperBen Casey FreudPhil OzDoggie HowserMcDreamyMcSteamyMeredith GreyRoss Jonas SalkBen Carson Gupta Dre Drew
— Bryan Behar (@bryanbehar) April 26, 2018

No surprise, Ronny Jackson withdraws as candidate to head the VA.
The real question is: how much longer will he serve as the WH physician
— Dr. Dena Grayson (@DrDenaGrayson) April 26, 2018

I bet Ronny Jackson feels 239 pounds lighter now that he decided to withdraw his nomination
— Roland Scahill (@rolandscahill) April 26, 2018

Trump last 24 hours…
Kanye- “Very Cool”
Kim Jong Un- “Honorable”
Dr. Ronny Jackson- “Good Man”
James Shaw Jr.- Nothing
— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) April 26, 2018

The left had to get revenge on Ronny Jackson because he overruled their medical opinions on @realDonaldTrump’s health situation. Mischief Managed.
— Eddie Zipperer (@EddieZipperer) April 26, 2018

If Ronny Jackson is run out of DC, I hope the last thing he yells from the moving car is Trump’s actual weight.
— shauna (@goldengateblond) April 26, 2018

Trump is offering an extended agitated defence of Ronny Jackson AFTER Jackson drops out, saying he has an "unblemished" record. He didn't offer this kind of defence before Jackson dropped out.
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) April 26, 2018

Admiral Ronny Jackson is a man of exceptional integrity, character and intellect. We are grateful for his long and distinguished service to our Nation and look forward to continuing to see his warm smile each day at the White House!
— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) April 26, 2018

Dr. Ronny Jackson did the right thing by withdrawing in the face of serious misconduct allegations from 20 current and former servicemembers.
Jackson now needs to be investigated to see if he is fit to be the doctor for @POTUS.
— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) April 26, 2018

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Source: The Wrap

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