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Riverdale Season 2: Things Are About to Get Very Dark and Weird

Riverdale‘s first season hasn’t even finished airing yet, and we already have some juicy details about season two. Even though Cole Sprouse assured fans that we will get some resolution about Jason Blossom’s killer by the end of this season, there is bound to be even more darkness along the way – including another possible murder! While we don’t know what our hearts would do if any of the core characters kicked the bucket, we are anxious to see what dark turn the series will take next season. Get the scoop on the most crucial details below.

There’s Going to Be Even More Mystery

Even though we’ll find out who Jason Blossom’s killer is at the end of season one, there is even more drama in store. “There’s going to be a new mystery involved,” Lili Reinhart told POPSUGAR during WonderCon noting: “That mystery is kind of started in the finale of our season one.”

Another Character Might Die

The small town of Riverdale just can’t escape death, can it? Following a recent press screening for the show, executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa admitted that there is truth to the rumor that there would be another death in the season one finale. “If the rumored death happens, it would go to set up season two.”

Sabrina Spellman Could Make an Appearance

Yes, you read that right. Aguirre-Sacasa told TheWrap that the possibility of seeing the teenage witch on Riverdale is “certainly within the realm of possibility” next season. “As dark as Riverdale is, the vision for Sabrina is even darker,” he added. “Riverdale is on one side of the Sweetwater River and Greendale, where Sabrina lives, is on the other. There’s sort of that mythic idea that on one side of the river there’s one reality, and on the other side of the river there’s another reality. So who knows?” The crossover would certainly fuel that crazy zombie theory.

Things Are About to Get Dark and Weird

During a Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”), Cole Sprouse gave a quick tease about what fans can expect from season two saying it was going to be “darker and weirder.” Aguirre-Sacasa also told Entertainment Weekly that “there will be a big genre element” next season. “It won’t suddenly just be a coming-of-age drama. There will definitely be a very strong, bold genre statement. We’re telling, for us, kind of the best version of a murder mystery: Who killed Jason Blossom? So whatever twist in genre element that we add in season two, it’s going to be different from that and probably, I think, it’s going to make people go, ‘They’re not really doing that, are they?'”

Source: Pop Sugar

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