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Right-Wing Media Stars Lou Dobbs and Michael Savage Party at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago (Photos)

President Donald Trump continued his practice of throwing a lavish party at Mar-a-Lago to welcome the new year — and was joined this time by his friend, Fox Business personality Lou Dobbs.
Several photos posted to Instagram over the last few days show Dobbs was present at the big event with his family.
“When your parents are much cooler than you,” wrote Dobbs’ daughter, Hillary, on her Instagram earlier this week, captioning a snap of her parents, including Dobbs’ wife Debi.
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When your parents are much cooler than you ha! Pre- Mar-A-Lago New Years' Eve Ball @mrsddobbs @loudobbstonight ! Happy New Year!
A post shared by hillarydobbs (@hillarydobbs) on Dec 31, 2017 at 5:40pm PST

It’s unclear whether Lou managed to swing any facetime with the president. Reps for Fox News and Fox Business did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap.
Also on hand with Trump over the holidays another longtime friend, right wing radio host Michael Savage. On his website, Savage posted a snazzy image with him and First Lady Melania Trump at the property.

Oh and what do you know —- it’s Michael Savage
— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) January 3, 2018

In an explainer elsewhere on his website, Savage said he had a long conversation with the president, who assured him he was still in his favor. Trump even feted Savage in a private three-hour dinner, which the radio host also described.
“The phone rings at 8:58 in the morning and it’s a 202 number,  I didn’t know who it was. I pick up my iPhone and I say, ‘Hello who is this?’ He says, ‘It’s your friend Donald.’ And I say, ‘What?!’ He said, ‘I make all my own calls.’ He says, ‘Michael you’re terrific. Would you and your lovely wife like to come to dinner tonight, a private dinner?’” said Savage in audio posted to his website.
Savage said he used his alone time with Trump to press the president about his pet issue, environmental protection.
The radio host has a colorful past in media in politics. On his show he has come out in favor of forcibly interning individuals on the terror watch list. A brief television venture on MSNBC ended in disaster as well, when Savage told a caller to “get AIDS and die.”

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Source: The Wrap

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