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Richard Simmons' Rep Slams Podcast & Ongoing Rumors: It's 'Absolute Madness'

Richard Simmons' Rep Slams Podcast & Ongoing Rumors: It's 'Absolute Madness'

Richard Simmons‘ rep is slamming the podcast Missing Richard Simmons again after rumors keep surfacing about where his client is and why he’s been missing since February 2014.

“We did not cooperate, we did not collaborate, we did not approve, we have nothing to do with this podcast,” Richard‘s rep Tom Estey said to People.

A recent episode of Missing Richard Simmons contains an interview with Richard‘s friend and former massuse Mauro Oliveira, who said that Richard is being held hostage by his housekeeper Teresa Reveles.

“That is absolute, absolute madness. Absolutely not true. And you know what? It’s unfortunate that people have to lie to get ratings for a podcast,” Tom continued.

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Dan Taberski, the creator of the podcast, has repeatedly reached out to him to try and get an interview, Tom said.

“I don’t know who the hell he is. But I don’t care. What I do care about is the truth,” Tom continued. “I can’t believe this podcast is getting this much attention. But I just don’t get it. If there was any truth to it, I would tell you, there is no truth to it.”

“We did not cooperate nor collaborate. So there is no Richard Simmons attached to this podcast. If there was a reason for us to comment or to cooperate, then we would certainly have done it, but we just didn’t feel the need,” Tom added. “He made a choice to take a break from public life, which he has the right to do. People need to respect that and not surmise that there’s something wrong, when there’s nothing wrong.”

“For 40 years, he took care of everyone else but himself. And so it’s not that he’s being selfish, he’s just being a person, a regular person, taking care of himself.”

Source: Just Jared

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