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Reminder: Glenn's Death in the Walking Dead Comic Books Is More Disgusting Than You Could Possibly Imagine

The Walking Dead‘s writers chose to end their season six finale with a massive, frustrating cliffhanger that deprived fans of the knowledge of who the show’s newest villain, Negan, brutally murders in the final seconds of the episode. We now know (for better or for worse) who is on the receiving end of the bat: Abe, then Glenn. Abe famously dies in the comics with an arrow through the eye, but since Denise takes that death instead on the show, his storyline has been a bit of a loose thread. The premiere sees Abe beat senseless first, before Glenn is tragically beat to a pulp. It’s horrific, but let’s be honest: the makeup job is insanely good. Glenn is the one who takes the beating in the comic books, and his death is still one of the most affecting moments for fans of the series. Months after the scene aired, we’re still thinking about it. Take a look at the pages here to see how truly similar the death is in the books.

Source: Pop Sugar

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