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Movie Ticket Prices Jump 5 Percent to $8.93

The National Alliance of Theater Owners (NATO) announced Wednesday that the national average ticket price for Q3 2017 settled at $8.93, up 4.9 percent year-to-year.
NATO also reported that five of the top ten highest grossing films from Q3 were R-Rated films, leading to more sales of higher-priced adult tickets. The highest grossing of those titles was Warner Bros.’ “Dunkirk,” which grossed $186.8 million in Q3.
When compared to ticket prices from forty years ago, the 2017 average is still lower after inflation adjustment. The national ticket average in 1977 was $2.23, which adjust to $9.41 in 2017, 5.2 percent higher than the current average.
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Source: The Wrap

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