Morris Chestnut's 'Rosewood' Cancelled at Fox

Morris Chestnut has announced that his Fox show Rosewood has been officially cancelled after two seasons.
“I am very grateful about the part that everyone took in Rosewood’s journey, because everyone was truly an integral part; the writers who crafted great story-lines, the actors who brought these stories to life, the production crew who sustained the show’s infrastructure, and the terrific fans who embraced this phenomenon and became just as much a part of Rosewood as anyone else,” the 48-year-old actor wrote on his Instagram.
“FOX provided a platform for a show that made strides in diversity and the images it projected, as all-inclusive. We were able to peer into the lives of characters who displayed their hopes, dreams, courage and fears. Rosewood also helped reinforce a newer definition of Family, as a group of people who most care for and support one another.
The Rosewood family, itself was an Extremely Special group of people who’ll be friends forever,” he added. “This is not only a part of the industry, it’s a part of life. When one door closes, two more can open… Thank you all for your continued #onelove and support. See you back on the screen soon. Big and Small. #PEACE – MC”

Source: Just Jared

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