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‘Morning Joe’ Slams Fox News as ‘Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Trump Inc’

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough took shots at rival network Fox News on Friday.
“What I find fascinating about what Donald Trump’s retweeting on ‘Fox and Friends’ and the makeup of Fox now is that this has ceased to be a network that follows conservatism or follows the Republican party,” he said. “It seems now to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump, Inc.”
“Not even saying that negatively,” Scarborough continued. “I’m always fascinated by the media.”
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This was preluded by some history about the conservative network.
“Fox News, when they came onto the scene in 1996, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch had a winning formula and that was Conservatives against the world,” Scarborough said. “Conservatives weren’t getting their voices heard on mainstream networks so they could go to Fox News and it was uniting. Here was a network that united the entire conservative movement and for the most part the Republican party.”
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But then, he said, Donald Trump came along and “changed that formula.” Scarborough criticized the network for its own criticism of other Republicans who are not neck-deep in Trump support.
Trump has long been a supporter of Fox News and his twitter feed is full of “Fox and Friends” retweets. Friday morning he retweeted three “Fox and Friends” articles.

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Source: The Wrap

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