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Mandy Moore Posing With Rapunzel at Disney World Is Emotionally Fulfilling in So Many Ways

Come on. It’s not a day at #Disneyworld without a quick pic with my pal #Rapunzel.

A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on Mar 6, 2017 at 2:02pm PST

Seven years after the release of Tangled, we’re more in love with Mandy Moore than ever. The This Is Us star visited Disney World on Monday, taking a minute to pose with the “real” Rapunzel, the character she voiced in the 2010 classic. “Come on,” she captioned. “It’s not a day at #Disneyworld without a quick pic with my pal #Rapunzel.” Why does this fill our hearts with so much joy?! Moore is currently promoting the film all over again, since there’s a new Disney Channel Original Movie, Tangled: Before Ever After, premiering on Friday. Two weeks after that, season one of the new show Tangled: The Series debuts. Rapunzel is a busy lady these days!

Source: Pop Sugar

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