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Lauren Cohan Dropped Some Hints About TWD's "Heartbreaking" Season Finale

We’re stumbling closer and closer to Sunday’s season seven finale of The Walking Dead, and after a particularly slow batch of episodes, we’re ready for some action. Rick’s army and Negan’s Saviors are about to go head to head, and while we already have an idea about how the war will play out, we’re champing at the bit to see if the shows makes any changes to the “All Out War” arc established by the comic books. While Maggie seems like she’s in it for the long haul, we know that any character could bee offed at any time for any reason, and it seems that actress Lauren Cohan is also painfully aware. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Cohan admitted that she still doesn’t trust the writers not to kill her off.

“She’s always grown in tandem with other people,” she said, talking about Maggie. “She grew in tandem with Glenn. Now it’s all on her more. I hate saying anything that implies, ‘Oh yeah, in the middle of season eight when I’m still alive,’ because I really don’t know if I will be. But as a viewer, I am excited to see that arc being realized.”

She also teased that we should brace ourselves for an “incredibly bittersweet, beautiful, and heartbreaking” finale. “You’re certainly in for a lot of emotion,” she said.

Well, sh*t.

On the fun side, she talked about how the girls planned a “death dinner” for Steven Yeun when Glenn died (apparently “death dinners” are a hilarious tradition on the set) and they did karaoke. “I booked a karaoke machine because Steve is a great singer, and especially good at hyper-sincere karaoke performances.” The settled on “I Want It That Way,” his favorite Backstreet Boys tune (Danai Gurira’s suggestion). “So, as you do, we dressed as the Backstreet Boys-meet-Abraham [Cudlitz’s camo-clad character] and reenacted the music video . . . without the tarmac.”

Source: Pop Sugar

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