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Kevin Nealon Bails on ‘Conan’ Mid-Interview to Get to a Very Important Meeting (Video)

Kevin Nealon was late for a very important date, so he had to bail on Conan O’Brien mid-interview Tuesday.
O’Brien was lucky Nealon could even make the time to come on “Conan” in the first place, as it seems like he is booked solid. The “Weeds” alum explained that he had to leave early to get to a meeting that was super important and totally not made up. But the audience wasn’t ready to part with Nealon just yet and urged him to stay.
You’d think he’d take that as a compliment, but it managed to annoy Nealon further as he insisted he really must leave his friend’s TBS talk show right then.
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“Look, I said I have a meeting to go to and it’s important — otherwise I’m not gonna spend time with my son! But apparently, that’s not important to you!” Nealon said to the audience. “I thought we had something here! I thought we had some kind of a synergy, a chemistry thing here, but now I see a side of you that I didn’t see before, and it’s an ugly side of you and it’s disappointing! I can’t make you happy for the rest of your life!”
Seriously, people, do you not understand priorities?
Watch the clip above.

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