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Josh Brolin Snaps Selfie in His Birthday Suit, Bares Buff Body!

If you follow Josh Brolin on Instagram then you know that he keeps his body in amazing shape and he’s reminding us yet again with his latest selfie!
The 49-year-old actor is seen wearing nothing at all while posing for a bathroom mirror selfie with his wife Kathryn, who flexed her biceps for the photo.
Josh posted the photo to promote the couple’s new athletic clothing line Prevail Activewear.
“An apparel which induces total insanity, enables you to talk in tongues, and uber-familiarizes you with your package,” Josh teased about Prevail on Instagram. “Our goal is to live in the gym, never leave, consume only from shaker bottles, and pose in front of a myriad of mirrors until we melt from narcissism gigantica. Our hope is that we sell everything so we’ll be left with nothing to wear.”

Source: Just Jared

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