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Joe Manganiello Wrote His Own 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie

Joe Manganiello Wrote His Own 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie

Joe Manganiello might be a little bit nerdier than we knew!

The 40-year-old actor just revealed that not only does he want to star in a Dungeons and Dragons movie, but he’s already written a draft!

In addition to writing the draft with a playwright friend from Carnegie Mellon last year, he also met with Wizards of the Coast, the creative force behind the game.

During the meeting, the team discussed “where [the film] could go, what it should look like, and what it should be.”

Joe added, “Obviously, there’s a spectacle. There’s dragons breathing fire and lightning. But what makes a great superhero or fantasy movie is the human aspect. It’s got to be about something…When a movie is about something human and real emotionally people are going to want to see. Then you get some dragons breathing fire, and hey, I’m in.”

Pictured inside: Joe grabbing lunch with a group of friends at Romana Pizza on Thursday (April 6) in Los Angeles.

Source: Just Jared

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