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Jimmy Kimmel on Trump’s Health Care Vote Excuses: ‘You’re Bad at Math’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel, who has emerged as one of the most high-profile advocates against the GOP’s attempts to repeal Obamacare, continued to clap back against President Donald Trump Wednesday night.
“It’s been a bad week for Donald Trump,” Kimmel said in his opening monologue, in which he discussed Luther Strange’s campaign for the Alabama Senate race, Trump’s failed endorsement of him, and of course the fallout over Graham-Cassidy.
In an interview, Trump claimed that Republicans did have the votes to pass the bill, but a Senator that would’ve voted for it was in the hospital and couldn’t vote. This prompted reporters to ask him which Senator was hospitalized.
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Kimmel was there to help.
“The Senator whose name Trump couldn’t come up with is Thad Cochran of Mississippi, who moments after that comment tweeted: ‘Thanks for the well-wishes. I’m not hospitalized, but am recuperating at home in Mississippi and look forward to returning to work soon,’” Kimmel explained.

Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm not hospitalized, but am recuperating at home in Mississippi and look forward to returning to work soon.
— Senator Thad Cochran (@SenThadCochran) September 27, 2017

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“And, even if he was, there were still at least three other Republicans who were against the bill,” Kimmel told viewers. “Which means Graham-Cassidy would not have passed whether he was in the hospital or not.”  Sens. John McCain, Susan Collins and Rand Paul all said they would oppose it.
“So just to recap Mr. President: There was no Senator in the hospital, you didn’t have the votes, the bill didn’t pass, and you’re bad at math, okay? Now go play golf for three years,” Kimmel said to audience applause.
Watch the full clip above.

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Source: The Wrap

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