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Jessica Biel Has a Special Role in Husband Justin Timberlake's New Video

There will always be a special place (and perhaps a little envy) in our hearts for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s relationship. We didn’t think we could love the couple anymore after Biel’s birthday message for her husband, but then we saw the video for “Man of the Woods.” The Super Bowl performer’s latest music video features his other half as a special guest, and the lovebirds are shown dancing, smiling, and generally being a cute couple.
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Timberlake’s last video, “Supplies,” confused us a little, but “Man of the Woods” has us wanting to dance in a barn with our significant other, too. Biel didn’t just get a one-time role in his video, either; Timberlake actually dedicated the entire album to his longtime love. Our hearts can’t take it.

Source: Pop Sugar

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