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Jeanine Pirro Under Fire After Blaming President Obama for Rob Porter Mess – You Read That Right

Jeanine Pirro found an unusual target for the White House scandal surrounding former Trump aide Rob Porter: President Barack Obama.
The retired judge kicked off her Saturday show on Fox News by offering a detailed defense of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s handling of Porter, who was forced to resign after accusations of domestic abuse against both of his ex-wives.
“So, for everyone who’s looking for someone to blame, chill out,” she said.
“You want to stop a four-star general who is running the White House, who believes in chain of command, who makes a decision within 40 minutes, because you hate President Trump? Find another scapegoat. You might want to look at the last president,” she said, offering no further explanation.
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Later in the show, another disgruntled former Trump White House staffer, Sebastian Gorka, claimed that federal officials may have deliberately slowed down security-clearance reviews that would have caught the red flags in Porter’s record sooner.
“If they want to gum up the works and make the Trump administration’s job harder and harder, they play bureaucratic slow rolls,” Gorka said, offering no evidence that had occurred.
“It might be a deliberate minefield put in place where they know somebody like this has skeletons in their closet and they slow-roll everything to make things like this explode a few months later,” he added.
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For Pirro’s part, she did not seek to defend Porter himself — or back up Trump’s apparent defense of his former aide.
“You want to blame someone, blame the batterer,” she said in her opening monologue. “He doesn’t walk around with a scarlet letter or a sign on his forehead that says, ‘I beat women.’ He is cunning and clever and presents himself as a charming individual who’s a Rhodes Scholar with a Harvard degree.”
Still, Pirro quickly came under fire online for her comments suggesting that Obama was somehow to blame.

If Jeanine Pirro can blame Barack Obama for Rob Porter beating his wives, then I blame Jeanine Pirro for Donald Trump assaulting 19 women! LOCK HER UP! @JudgeJeanine
— Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) February 11, 2018

Who does Fox News blame for Trump harborin' serial domestic abuser, Rob Porter?
You guessed it! The black guy!
— Tea Pain (@TeaPainUSA) February 11, 2018

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, inexplicably and yet somehow predictably, blames Barack Obama for Rob Porter wife-beating scandal
— Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) February 11, 2018

Jeanine Pirro: Listen up, Cruella. Blaming Obama for Rob Porter is like blaming Hillary for colluding with Russia, blaming gay sex for hurricanes, blaming conservative FBI agents for vast pinko liberal conspiracies. Wait, I'm seeing a god damn pattern here.
— ????Aiden Wolfe (@AidenWolfe) February 11, 2018

Jeanine Pirro telling ppl to blame Obama and not 4-star [former] Gen John Kelly for Rob Porter, is beyond weird. It doesn't even make any type of sense. What does Obama have to do w/ Trump's aide not having a security clearance & beating his wife? How does she still have a show?
— ???? Happy #BlackHistoryMonth from Resistance Zone (@ResistanceZone) February 11, 2018

So the white man beats up on the white women and it’s Obama’s fault. Jeanine Pirro you should be ashamed of your, you were a prosecutor and you’re spewing false accusations like that. Someone needs to check on your pass history as a prosecutor. Did you falsely accuse someone.
— Elizabeth (@Elizabeth904397) February 11, 2018

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