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Is That Really Dan Stevens Singing in Beauty and the Beast?

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast is here, and we can barely contain our excitement. While the posters, stills, and soundtrack have appropriately pumped us up, we were just excited to see one of our favorite childhood movies come to life on the big screen. The adaptation is straying a little bit from the animated version, but it is staying true to a few things, including the musical aspect. We got our first listen to Emma Watson’s singing voice in the trailer, but what about the Beast? Prince Adam doesn’t have any songs in the original movie, but Dan Stevens does sing in the adaptation. And yes, it’s really Stevens’s voice.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the English actor revealed that Alan Menken, who penned the original score, wrote a brand-new song specifically for the Beast. The title is “Evermore,” and it’s one of several new songs in the film. Stevens’s wife, Susie Hariet, even helped with his audition since she’s a jazz musician and singing teacher. “We’re a pretty musical household and it was lovely to have that,” he said. “We’ve never really sung together all that much. It was a really beautiful thing to do.”

Source: Pop Sugar

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