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Is Matthew Returning to Downton Abbey? Dan Stevens Teases Fans With a New Photo

Should Matthew have a mustache for the #DowntonAbbeyMovie…? Vote below… ☑️ ❎ A post shared by Dan Stevens (@thatdanstevens) on Aug 12, 2018 at 10:30am PDT

If wanting Matthew Crawley to return to Downton Abbey is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. Now, with news of a movie on the way, can we expect Dan Stevens to revive the character and make an appearance? The answer’s still unclear, but the 35-year-old actor sure does love playing with our heartstrings.
As a loyal Matthew/Mary stan from the historical drama’s beginning, our emotions went wild when we saw Stevens’s Instagram post on Aug. 12. He shared a photo after reuniting with Michelle Dockery (who played Lady Mary) and Allen Leech (who played Tom Brandon) in Los Angeles. Ever the tease, Stevens captioned the snap with a question for fans: “Should Matthew have a mustache for the #DowntonAbbeyMovie…? Vote below… ☑️ ❎”
While we’re unsure if his post is a complete joke, fans wasted no time getting excited about a possible return in the comments. Viewers who know Matthew’s storyline will understand why it would be, ahem, difficult to bring him back, but commenters also supplied plenty of dramatic solutions. Plus, producer and screenwriter Julian Fellowes has hinted at making a prequel in the past, so perhaps Stevens can slip in a few scenes here or there. At this point, we’ll take whatever Matthew screen time we can get!


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