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If This Theory About This Is Us Is True, Beth Got to Meet Jack Before He Died

This Is Us wrapped up its trilogy about the Big Three on Tuesday night, and it was nothing short of emotional. During the Randall-centric episode, we learn more about No. 3’s teen years leading up to his father’s death. While Jack really wants his son to go to Harvard, Randall takes a liking to Howard, a historically black university in Washington DC. Even though it’s not entirely clear which school he ends up choosing, fans have a pretty good guess based on the season two Fall finale.
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After the father-son duo make a road trip to the college, Randall winds up leaving his father behind to meet up with an old friend on campus. As Randall walks off with a group of students to check out the dorms, Jack continues with their previously scheduled tour solo. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, if we know anything about This Is Us, it’s that no detail is too small. As one Reddit user points out, there’s a good chance Beth, aka Randall’s future wife, is in the group of students touring the school.
Not only would this be a great plot twist, but it would also mean Beth got to meet Randall’s dad before he dies. As previously revealed, Jack dies right before the Big Three’s high school graduation. Since we know that Randall and Beth meet in college, it wouldn’t be too far fetched for the show to bring everything full circle. Perhaps when they do start dating, Randall shows her a picture of Jack, and everything clicks.

If you needed more convincing, in the crowd of students touring the school, there is a girl with long braids talking with two other girls. While we know that Beth actually has dreadlocks when she first meets Randall, the girl’s hairstyle is similar to the one Beth is doing in Deja’s hair earlier this season to cover up her alopecia. Remember when she says that one of her sisters also suffers from alopecia? What if the two girls the student with long braids is talking to are actually Beth’s sisters? So not only would Jack have met Randall’s future wife, but also his in-laws.

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