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I Can See This Weird Grey's Anatomy Romance Coming From 100 Miles Away

In the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the staff of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital banded together to defeat that recycled storyline pesky tumor inside of Amelia Shepherd’s head for good. It’s a pretty harrowing episode; it initially seems like Amelia might not make it, then she’s in agony because she refuses to take (prescribed) opiates to help with her pain. By the end of the hour, we can all breathe easy. Amelia is OK, thanks to the gracious Dr. Koracick. Unfortunately, there’s something much more sinister at foot: Grey’s might be setting up another unnecessary hookup.
You might be tempted to think we’re talking about Jackson and Maggie’s slightly awkward romance, but we’re not. (Although that one seems very out of place and superfluous as well, to be frank.) No, we’re talking about the supposed spark between Andrew DeLuca and Amelia Shepherd. For the remainder of this post, I shall refer to this new ship as “DeMelia.” I’m calling it now.
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Here’s the thing. DeLuca’s character seems so aimless right now. His romances with both Maggie and Jo have flopped. The conflict with his sister has pretty much already dissolved. He doesn’t really have much to do. To me, this whole DeMelia romance comes across as the show’s writers not knowing what to do with him. It’s also convenient because Grey’s seems to be teasing a romance between Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman. Amelia and Owen’s relationship has never been in more danger. A rebound with DeLuca would certainly soften the landing.
That’s the most bothersome thing about DeMelia. It seems more practical than anything else. Amelia is a bold, confident, wild hot shot. She needs a dazzling partner who can keep up with her. And yeah, DeLuca is handsome, but he’s pretty meek. I’d call him a doormat before I’d call him “dazzling.” (Sorry, DeLuca.) It’s clear DeMelia is not built on some fantastic chemistry. Granted, I’ve only caught a mere whiff of the blooming romance at this point, so there’s a chance it might not even happen. All I’m saying is a whiff is more than enough to know that it stinks.

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