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From The Office to Wakanda, This Year's Creative WonderCon Cosplays Will Give You FOMO

As each major fan convention comes and goes, we think, “There’s no way anything can top this!” But luckily, we’re proven wrong time after time. With the ever-changing world of entertainment at our disposal and die-hard fandoms forming every day, passionate cosplayers keep finding innovative ways to surprise and delight us all. That means WonderCon 2018 was filled with tributes to everything from Black Panther to Coco, and trust us: you’re going to want to see it ALL.
Using detailed costumes, handmade armor, dazzling makeup effects, and more, the cosplayers at WonderCon 2018 set a new bar for creative, fandom-fueled self-expression; as the Anaheim, CA, convention continues to grow, it means even more jaw-dropping costume spectacles. From video games and comic books to Disney movies and cult-classic TV shows, the cosplays on display at WonderCon showcase every fandom that you could imagine.
Keep scrolling for some of the most spectacular examples of cosplay at WonderCon 2018. You’ll be glad you took the time, especially if you’re – spoiler alert! – feeling nostalgic for the early 2000s. Curious? Well, go ahead then!

Source: Pop Sugar

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