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Emma Watson's Pay for 'Beauty & The Beast' Revealed

Emma Watson's Pay for 'Beauty & The Beast' Revealed

Emma Watson‘s new movie Beauty and the Beast is now playing in theaters everywhere and some details on how much she was paid to play Belle have been revealed!

The 26-year-old actress spent many months in rehearsal and on set for the Disney live-action remake and even had to turn down a role in La La Land due to her grueling schedule.

Emma is about to be raking in a lot of money though, thanks to the for sure box office success of Beauty and the Beast.

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The upfront pay that Emma received for the film is $3 million, but she will be making a lot more based on how much money the film makes in theaters, according to THR.

If the film makes an amount similar to Angelina Jolie‘s Maleficent, which brought in $759 million worldwide, Emma‘s pay for the film could go up to $15 million.

Sources told the outlet how Disney doesn’t have to pay massive upfront salaries, like the big $20 million paydays that some stars get, as the studio “has the luxury to not have to put a star in there.”

“The IP is the star of the movie,” a source said. “If you hired Jennifer Lawrence as Belle, would it really make a difference in the opening [of Beauty and the Beast]? Unlikely.”


Source: Just Jared

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