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Did Eugene Inadvertently Cause The Walking Dead's Zombie Apocalypse?

Negan has taken Eugene hostage on The Walking Dead. On a recent episode, Negan tries the “nice guy” route with his new prisoner; he gives Eugene a great room, video games, and all the pickles he could possibly want. In this episode, Eugene also repeats an old lie he once used on Abraham and Rosita: he tells Negan that he had been a scientist who was working on the Human Genome Project before the plague took over.

According to Eugene’s story, his work involved weaponizing diseases to fight against other military forces who were doing the same thing. We learn this is a lie all the way back in season five, when Eugene tells Glenn, Maggie, Rosita, Tara, and Abraham that he’s “not a scientist,” that he “doesn’t know how to stop it,” and that he “just knows things.” But what if some of his story is true? I think the one thing we can all agree on is that Eugene lies about a possible cure. It’s the number one incentive driving Rick and the rest of the group to Washington DC, and that’s Eugene’s primary goal when we first meet him. Here’s the thing, though: he also says he’s a “very good liar,” which means it’s nearly impossible to tell what is and is not the truth.

So, here’s a plausible theory: Eugene is a scientist, he did work on the Human Genome Project, and he was trying to weaponize diseases. Eugene’s spiel is so specific, so detailed, and so believable, I have trouble accepting he conjured the whole story out of thin air. What’s more, we know Eugene is a clumsy oaf (even if he’s super smart). Is there a chance he somehow released the disease? In our previous investigation into the origin of the virus, we discovered that a small detail on Fear the Walking Dead suggests it’s in the water, and that’s why everyone has it.

What if by some tragic accident, a weaponized virus was let loose into the nation’s (or world’s) water sources, and it was Eugene’s fault? Not only does it fit with his obvious skill set, but it might even explain why he’s such an emotional disaster. Making such a deadly and catastrophic mistake could utterly shatter a person’s emotional stability.

It’s clear that Eugene has a pretty solid grasp on science and chemistry. You have to, at some point, chalk it up to more than him “knowing stuff.” After all, he painlessly creates a poison pill, and he knows how to mix elements to create explosives and cause other chemical reactions. Consider this: it’s one thing to admit you lied about a potential cure, but it’s another to confess that you’re somehow responsible for the entire apocalypse. That’s something Eugene might never want to admit to another soul. We may never get an answer either way, but if this story is something that Eugene returns to over and over again, it’s hard not to wonder if part of it is true.

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