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Crazy Rich Asians: Here's Everything That Happens in the Books

Crazy Rich Asians didn’t just break box-office expectations . . . it downright shattered them. The rom-com had one of the biggest openings in history for its genre and was pretty much the talk of the internet as soon as it hit theaters. Even better news? Warner Bros., which owns the film options to all three of Kevin Kwan’s novels, just announced that a sequel movie is on its way.
Kwan’s book series includes the original Crazy Rich Asians, followed by China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. If you thought the saga of Rachel and the Youngs was over with that swoon-worthy plane proposal, you are so very, very wrong. There’s tons more drama, parties, manipulations, friendships, and, of course, romance to come. In fact, some of the characters who barely got any screen time in the movie are set to be key players in the sequels.
If you aren’t spoiler-averse, or if you’ve already binged Kwan’s novels, read on for some of what awaits fans in the next installments.
Warning: Major, MAJOR spoilers for Crazy Rich Asians ahead! Proceed with caution.


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