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Colbert Convinces Jerry Seinfeld to Turn on Bill Cosby’s Comedy (Video)

Jerry Seinfeld no longer thinks we should distinguish Bill Cosby the comedian from Bill Cosby the man. We think.
“Can you still listen to his comedy?” Stephen Colbert asked his Friday guest about the stand-up whom they both most-admired as kids.
“Oh, yeah,” Seinfeld replied, echoing logic he’s previously shared with Norm MacDonald and others.
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In the wake of all these awful sexual assault allegations against the “Cosby Show” star, Colbert disagrees.
“You can’t separate it?” Seinfeld asked. “I know, it’s tragic. But there’s a lot of comedy in tragedy… there’s a lot of people that have tragic lives.”
That opinion didn’t last very long last night.
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Following a commercial break, Seinfeld started his second couch segment this way:
“You know what I realized? In the commercial, we were just talking about Cosby and I realized, you know what? I can’t just separate it either. Now that you said it, and I thought about it — and I haven’t listened to any of that stuff — I realized, it would bother me and I don’t think I could.”
“But should we separate it or shouldn’t we separate the art or the work from the man?” he then asked the “Late Show” host, seemingly questioning his own sudden change of heart.
“Alright, you’re right,” Seinfeld concluded. “I’ll change my mind.”
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Watch the first segment above and second below.

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