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Bradley Whitford, Lamorne Morris, Steve Zahn to Star on Nat Geo’s ‘Valley of the Boom’ Miniseries

Nat Geo has cast Bradley Whitford, Lamorne Morris and Steve Zahn as the stars of its six-part limited series “Valley of the Boom,” which is set in Silicon Valley during the ’90s tech bubble.
Additionally John Karna will play Marc Andreesen, a computer engineer who co-created Mosaic, the first internet browser. Plus, Dakota Shapiro and Oliver Cooper play Ivy League undergraduates who launched, one of the very first social networking sites, out of their dorm room.
The 2019 miniseries hails from Matthew Carnahan, Arianna Huffington and STXtv. Other executive producers are Jason Goldberg, Brant Pinvidic and David Walpert, while David Newsom, Gary Goldman and Joel Ehninger are set to co-executive produce.
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“Silicon Valley was and is a strange place; a Hollywood for geniuses,” said Carnahan. “The dotcom boom of the ’90s opened the floodgates for not just the amazing makers, but also Wall Street, mass media and a collection of fascinating charlatans. I’m thrilled to have Bradley, Steve, Lamorne and this stellar cast lined up, especially because all of them are disruptors in their own way, just like the real people they’re portraying.”
“Valley of the Boom tells the surprising, provocative and inspiring stories of Silicon Valley’s early pioneers,” said Carolyn Bernstein, executive vice president global scripted development and production for National Geographic. “Matthew and his team have figured out an organic and dynamic way to interweave interviews with real-life Silicon Valley icons to amplify and enhance the authenticity and unpredictability of this fascinating true story.”
“Matthew has written an original and riveting series with Valley of the Boom, in an incredibly unique format that is sure to keep audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats,” added Jada Miranda, EVP and head of scripted television at STXtv. “We’re honored to bring these powerful stories to screen with National Geographic, and could not have asked for a better cast to help introduce this unbelievable time in American history to audiences across the globe.”

Source: The Wrap

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