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‘Being Mary Jane’ Characters Ranked From Best to Worst (Photos)

BET’s “Being Mary Jane” has a lot of dynamic characters that are sometimes a reflection of either ourselves or people we know. So, we’ve ranked them based on how much we like ourselves … or the people we know.

Petty. Petty. Petty.

And just when you start to feel a little sorry for her or start thinking she’s not so bad … she just unleashes more pettiness.


Paul Patterson

Probably our favorite person on the show. Every episode of “Being Mary Jane” is filled with so much chaotic drama that pops becomes the voice of reason and compassion that we all need.

Kara Lynch

Oh, Kara. The hardworking ambitious mom who is forced to split her time between her career and her kids. We love Kara. Mary Jane would be nothing without her. NOTHING.

She’s the loyal give-it-to-you how it is best friend we all want and need in our lives.

Paul Patterson Jr.

Mary Jane’s hustler younger brother.

He’s ridiculously intelligent and street smart as well. We all aspire to be like him.

Patrick Patterson

We have a lot of respect for Patrick, Mary Jane’s older brother. He may not have his life together and he may have been a drug addict, but he’s gotten over all that.

OK, so maybe he’s slipping down the slippery slope again, but he’s a great father and tries to do right by everyone.

Niecy Patterson

Niecy is all of us at that age. She’s just trying to figure life out and her grandmother, Helen, is constantly nagging her and on her case about it.

We feel bad for Niecy, but like her because she’s not scared to stand up for herself. You go girl.


The star anchor at “Great Morning America.”

We knew things were a little iffy with her from the get go but decided to give her a chance — and she disappointed us. She has unsurmountable power and isn’t afraid to use it.

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