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‘Austin Powers’ 20th Anniversary: 20 Best Gags in ‘International Man of Mystery,’ Ranked (Videos)

Here’s how we know “Austin Powers” became a classic: Phrases like “Groovy, baby” and “shagadelic” now feel more like products of the ’90s than even the ’60s. But Mike Myers’s swinging ’60s catch phrases are just a few of the iconic lines that have stood the test of time these 20 years. We’ve ranked 20 of those best moments:
20. “Not a good time to lose one’s head.”
If getting decapitated by mutated sea bass wasn’t absurd enough, Myers tries out four different tough guy lines that make this scene pitch perfect parody.
19. “How dare you break wind before me.”
It’s hard to come up with a parody name that’s funnier than Pussy Galore, but Alotta Fagina is it. Myers’s cartoonish slobbering as the “Italian bird” slinks into a bath robe can’t be beat.
18. “Yay, capitalism.”
“Austin Powers” actually has some sly commentary about life in the ’90s, and this moment of Cold War sarcasm has helped the film age well into the 2000s.
17. “Bring in THE FEMBOTS!!”
Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina is an underrated highlight as she shouts in her Soviet accent. She’s also hilarious when she explains what Lucky Charms are.
16. “But you, like an idiot, wanted to take over the world.”
Casting an Old Hollywood mainstay like Robert Wagner was on par with putting Leslie Nielsen in “Airplane.” My favorite line delivery of his has to be about a factory in Chicago that makes miniature models of factories.
15. “Don’t look at me like I’m frickin’ Frankenstein. Give your father a hug!”
Dr. Evil is just about how I look when I attempt to do the Macarena.
14. “It’s a simple request.”
See, even evil super villains get frustrated from time to time. Is it so much to ask for sharks with frickin’ laser beams strapped to their heads?
13. [Maniacal laughter]
What if the camera didn’t cut away before the evil James Bond villains stopped laughing? “Austin Powers” asked. Genius.
12. “Throw me a frickin’ bone here!”
Even Dr. Evil knows that punching a hole in the ozone layer is a threat to humanity. No one would peg “Austin Powers” for being political, but this blackmail joke holds up wonderfully.
11. “An evil petting zoo?”
We miss Carrie Fisher. This father-son therapy scene is so out of place, with Dr. Evil telling his life story about his 15-year-old prostitute mother with webbed feet, and Fisher makes it feel real.
10. “That’s not your mother, it’s a man, baby!”
Early on in the movie, Austin punches a waitress and in the next shot she’s a man with a dress. That would’ve been funny enough. It’s even funnier when Austin punches Basil Exposition’s mother in the face. “It does look she was beaten in the face with an ugly stick.”
9. “Honestly baby, it’s not mine!”
There’s milking a gag and taking it to unexpected places, and then there’s “Austin Powers” imagining getting caught in a lie about a Swedish Penis Enlarger because your face is on a book endorsing it.
8. Austin making a “three-point” turn
Wow, Myers can really commit to a bit. You’ve almost got it Austin! Just crank the wheel a little more.
7. “Nice rack.”
Myers and director Jay Roach absolutely trolled censors with not one, but two scenes of carefully concealed nudity thanks to a spice rack, a long pink balloon and Elizabeth Hurley taking a bite out of a sausage.
6. “Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!”
God save the Queen, its hilarious watching Myers dance around wearing nothing but his Union Jack. No man can resist the charms of the fembots, or of this dialogue.
5. “I have a whole bag of Shhh! with your name on it.”
I think Donald Trump borrowed his “You’re fired” gesture from Dr. Evil’s cupped hand hushing Seth Green. “That was a pre-emptive shh!”
4. “One MILLION Dollars! (pinky gesture)”
A classic, meme-worthy quote if for no other reason than even Lorne Michaels himself (who Myers loosely based Dr. Evil’s voice on) would not sound quite right pronouncing this line.
3. “Geez, boy! What did you eat?”
Myers’s grunting alone would’ve been plenty to make this an aggressively smutty toilet gag, but how perfect is the absurd line, “Who does #2 work for?”
2. “Evacuation, comple…”
This is a great example of how “Austin Powers” made the sheer duration of a stupid gag the joke itself. We already know from shagging Alotta that Myers can get a laugh with just a twitch of his heel, but here it’s perfection.
1. “I’m very badly burned!”
As Dr. Evil might say, Will Ferrell is a frickin’ genius. He’s not even on screen to give what might genuinely be his funniest film moment, crying in very-literal agony and then exclaiming, “You shot me!” Credit Myers’s impeccable comic timing as he reaches for a phone to diffuse the awkward situation.
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