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American Horror Story: This 1 Hint Could Mean Ally Is the Real Cult Leader

While watching this season of American Horror Story, one thing about Ally (Sarah Paulson) has continued to stick out to me – you know, in between her blood-curdling screams.
It’s interesting that Ally’s name is spelled the same way as a word you’d use to describe a close friend or associate; “ally” is usually the word of choice when you’re referring to a partner in crime (ahem) or a supporter (hmmm), as well as in the world of politics (“political allies”). Over the past few years, we’ve also been seeing the term assigned to a person who has aligned themselves with a marginalized group – i.e., a straight ally to the LGBTQ+ community, a male ally to women’s rights, or a white ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. The spelling of Ally’s name definitely fits with the character – she’s a gay liberal who loves Barack Obama and seems to align herself with causes that support people of color and minority groups – but it could be a major hint at her potential involvement with the creepy clown cult that is currently terrorizing her. Will she become one of their allies?

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There have been few theories about Ally possibly joining up with Kai and his cult, and others positing that she might even become the real leader. Evan Peters confirmed as much in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “Ally is very special to Kai because she is terrified of a lot and has phobia, the worst kind of fear. It’s a challenge for Kai to maybe take her in and make her the queen, his right-hand woman.” Peters added, “There’s something special and bewitching about her, where he sees her as an integral part of his master plan. Almost a heaven-sent figure.”
Seeing as the main cult members are connected by nature-inspired names, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that show creator Ryan Murphy would give a hefty dose of extra thought to his main character’s name as well.

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