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5 Times ‘Girls’ Spoke the Truth About Friendships in Your 20s (Videos)

The beach house episode of “Girls” remains the pinnacle of the show’s ability to strip female friendships down to the core, with Shoshana acting as the audience’s mouthpiece, saying what we’ve been thinking for months: This group of friends is toxic, narcissistic and holding each other back.

“Girls” turned the good friend/bad friend dichotomy on its head in a Season 2 episode where Hannah confronts Marnie about sleeping with Elijah, and despite Marnie’s attempts to project the outward appearance of being a good friend, she finally breaks down and admits she’s not a good friend.

Without saying anything at all, this Season 5 scene covered Hannah’s revelation that her ex-boyfriend Adam and best friend Jessa were now together. The shock and heartbreak is clear, and all too real.

Mirroring her Beach House speech, Shosh gave the hard truth one last time to Hannah, Jessa and Marnie, that maybe some friends just outgrow each other and maybe it’s healthier that way. Ouch. But also, fair.

While Marnie’s wedding day seemed to teeter on the edge of chaos and could have easily descended into another all-too-real argument between the four girls, rescue came in the unlikeliest form of Jessa, who hen-mothered everyone into their loveliest selves by fixing bad makeup and wardrobe malfunctions and saved the day.

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