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17 Oscars Stories You Probably Missed in #EnvelopeGate: (Photos)

“La La Land” being announced as the wrong Best Picture Winner wasn’t the only big news of Oscars night.

Meryl Streep‘s Dress Drama

On Friday, Karl Lagerfeld told media that Meryl Streep canceled the dress he was making for her because she found someone “who will pay” her to wear his dress (Chanel doesn’t pay celebrities to wear the clothes).

The following day, the actress issued a statement denying his allegations, saying Lagerfeld “defamed” her to “overwhelm my appearance at the Oscars.”

The Records That Fell

Sunday was a historic night for the Oscars — Damien Chazelle became the youngest Best Director winner ever for “La La Land,” and Viola Davis (“Fences”) became the first black actor to win three major acting awards — the Tony, Emmy and Oscar.

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lion King” Moment With Sunny Pawar

“Lion” star Sunny Pawar is probably the cutest thing to hit the Oscars. During the show, host Jimmy Kimmel picked up Pawar and held him up to recreate “The Lion King” moment.

Candy Falling From the Skies

No homemade sandwiches this year — when Kimmel noted that none of the stars in attendance had candy, he called a special air-drop of candy.

“If you close your eyes and wish very hard,” Kimmel said. “Little bags of Red Vines and Junior Mints will appear from the sky raining down on you.”

Kimmel’s Feud with Matt Damon Continues

If Matt Damon thought he would get off easy at the Oscars, he was wrong — in Kimmel’s opening monologue, he already targeted his fake feud partner, filmed a “We Bought a Zoo” segment to mock Damon and even played him off stage while he was presenting an award. 

The Tour Bus Segment

One of the biggest segments of the show featured Kimmel bringing in a Hollywood tour bus full of people to hang out in the front row with stars such as Denzel Washington and Nicole Kidman.

Kimmel Tweeting Trump

Kimmel took a break mid-ceremony to tweet at Donald Trump and find out why the U.S. President had not trashed the show on Twitter … yet.

The In Memoriam Segment Was Screwed Up As Well 

The “In Memoriam” segment of Sunday’s show included a tribute to costume designer and four-time nominee Janet Patterson — but ran a photo of the very-much-still-alive Australian producer Jan Chapman by mistake.

Kimmel Gets Slammed For Mocking Asian Woman’s Name

Kimmel invited a bunch of unknowing tourists into the Dolby Theatre, and when Kimmel asked an Asian woman for her name, she told him her name was Yulree, which rhymes with “jewelry.”

Kimmel responded, “your name is Yulree? I know it rhymes with jewelry! That’s some name!” Then, he asked her husband what his name was, to which he responded, “Patrick.”

“See, that’s a name!” said Kimmel.

“It’s not the #Oscars unless they make fun of Asians somehow. This time, it’s Yulree’s name. Not really laughing,” wrote one user.

Shirley MacLaine’s Appearance

The 82-year-old screen legend appeared on Sunday’s Academy Awards with Charlize Theron, following an appreciation of MacLaine’s classic film “The Apartment.”

Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre erupted in applause for MacLaine, and she rewarded them with a charm offensive that eventually made her a top trending topic on Twitter.

“O.J.: Made in America” Is Longest Winning Movie Ever

“O.J.: Made in America” took home the Oscar in the Best Documentary Feature category — it is now the longest ever film to win an Oscar.

Previous record-holder was the then-Soviet Union film “War and Peace” which ran at 431 minutes. “Made in America” clocks in at 467 minutes.

“Suicide Squad” Won an Oscar

“Suicide Squad” is now an Oscar-winning film after picking up Best Makeup at the 2017 Academy Awards, and Twitter is not especially thrilled.

As far as the Academy is concerned, the movie’s makeup effects were good enough to beat out competitors “Star Trek: Beyond” and “A Man Called Ove.”

The Cute Moment Between Mahershala Ali and Jeff Bridges

Mahershala Ali beat Jeff Bridges in the Best Supporting Actor category.

Bridges, who played  a grizzled Texas ranger in “Hell of High Water,” won a Best Actor award for “Crazy Heart” in 2009. This was the first nomination for Ali, who played drug dealer and father figure Juan in “Moonlight.”

As Ali passed Bridges on his way onstage to accept the award, Bridges reached out and patted him on the arm. Ali stopped, turned, and shook hands with the seven-times nominated veteran.

“Hidden Fences” Flub Resurfaces

Fictional Best Picture contender “Hidden Fences” popped up at the Oscars after first showing up at the Golden Globes. This time, it was People Magazine editor and host of ABC’s red carpet pre-show Jess Cagle who said it.

Stars Wearing Blue Ribbons on Red Carpet

Some stars walking the red carpet at the Oscars sported a bright blue ribbon on their designer gowns and tuxedos, and it was all to call attention to a good cause.

The ribbons were distributed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Ruth Negga, Barry Jenkins and Brie Larson were just a few stars to wear it.

Source: The Wrap

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