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14 People Who Couldn't Handle Evan Peters in the AHS: Cult Premiere

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American Horror Story: Cult came back into our lives on Tuesday night with a bang (or should I say a scream). Between reliving the horrors of election night and dealing with terrifying clowns left and right, season seven is already shaping up to be one of the strongest. Fan favorite Evan Peters has already proven himself to be one of the worst (but best) characters in the first episode. Fans of the show have seen him take on numerous psychotic and murderous characters, but his role as a dangerous and unstable Donald Trump supporter has people more upset and nervous than any other season. Don’t worry, though, because his dedicated fans are still extremely attracted to him (it’s just hard not to be). Check out social media’s best reactions to Peters’s triumphant return to AHS below.

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I’ve accepted Evan Peters with his lobster claws, as a serial killer, a teen murderer and a ghost. But as a Trump supporter hell no #AHSCult
– Scooby (@TheRealistDom) September 6, 2017

Evan Peters has played a lot of messed up characters on AHS but nothing has upset me more than seeing him play a Trump supporter #AHSCult
– Caitlin Hedgcock (@caitlinhedg96) September 6, 2017

I’m dead #AHSCult
– Annie (@Anneiksa) September 6, 2017

evan peters: join
– kc baby (@chlosgirl) September 6, 2017

me seasons 1-6: god i love evan peters so much me right now:#AHSCult
– apat (@apat8754) September 6, 2017

So Evan Peters plays a trump supporter #AHSCult
– henri the white dad (@ExoticAmbrosia) September 6, 2017

They have Evan Peters putting on a cheeto mask pretending to be Donald Trump. Send Help. #AHSCult
– Mrs. Dandy Mott (@PrettyMajor__) September 6, 2017

Evan Peters playing his role a little too well. Gonna have me hating him in real life soon…smh #AHSCult
– KimmyKasị ?? (@Kimmykasi) September 6, 2017

Me ignoring Evan Peters being a Republican #AHSCult
– Miranda Killgallen (@GisellesEgo) September 6, 2017

“Nothing more dangerous in this world than a humilated man”Damn Evan Peters spitting straight facts #AHSCult
– MD (@Pass_da_chicken) September 6, 2017

evan peters be playing these roles a little too well #ahscult
– trent. (@trentjohnson924) September 6, 2017

No Evan Peters did not cover his face with cheeto dust ?????#AHSCult
– The Beauty Foodie (@beauty_foodies) September 6, 2017

i want my face to be the tv screen that evan peters is humping #AHSCult
– kat wilderness (@katwilderness) September 6, 2017

Evan Peters with long blue hair and then he humps the tv when Donald Trump wins president and I’m still attracted to him. #AHScult
– Hannah (@Hannah_kat_lee) September 4, 2017

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